Saturday, October 21, 2017

[Review] Professor Marston & The Wonder Women

This Summer the fantastic Wonder Woman movie dashed into theaters with historical success. And now, this Fall, we get a biopic about the creator of the Wonder Woman comics along with the two women who inspired the iconic character. Of course we don't know how much of this film sticks to real life or how much of it is embellished, but it's a fascinating portrait nonetheless. A superhero origin story of another kind...

Dr. Marston (Luke Evans) is an intense professor who works side-by-side with his brilliant and brash wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall), as they practice advanced methods of psychology. When they recruit an almost lamblike student named Olive (Bella Heathcote) to participate in their studies, a juicy and complex love triangle forms. Scandalous!

Sure, Professor Marston & The Wonder Women isn't a superhero film, but it sparks a different type of excitement. It's sharp, observational, intricately layered, and consistently audacious and provocative. The script is well-wrought and the performances are top-notch. Each scene, especially early on, percolates with sexual tension, dances around indiscreet conflicts, and simmers with repressed emotions. It's also very interesting to see how certain details and events in Marston's life translate to themes and images in the comics, especially during a time when "The world won't allow it."

So, is this an engrossing film that you should go see? Yes. Lie detector says: This is true.

( 8/10 )

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