Tuesday, October 24, 2017

[Review] Dave Made a Maze

Dave Made A Maze is a low-budget adventure/horror comedy with a fantastical imagination.

The story revolves around Dave (Nick Thune), a starving artist searching for meaning in his life. One day, he decides to build a fort in his living room. But it's more than just the cardboard boxes of its exterior. Theres a big, winding world inside--full of booby traps and dead ends. Dave eventually gets so lost that his friends have to dive in and save him from his own creation.

Bill Watterson's film, fittingly, is a bit mad and sporadically artful itself, and this is immediately clear from the creative paper cutout opening credits sequence, to the quasi-mockumentary setup. The interior design of the cardboard maze is really cool and amazingly elaborate, crafted with walls of royal playing cards, giant piano key sculptures, temples of trash, origami creatures, and more.

Around the bend, the narrative is an ode to unfinished projects, artistic frustrations, scrappy inspiration, tenacious drive, and unappreciated genius. Unfortunately, the script's comedy doesn't always cut it, and the duration begins to drag, but the film's sheer inventiveness and meticulous love is on full display, for Dave Made A Maze is a passion project in its purest, papery form. And yes, it is bigger on the inside.

( 7.5/10 )

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