Thursday, October 5, 2017

[Review] Battle of the Sexes

Coming off of her Oscar win for La La Land, Emma Stone gives another terrific performance in Battle of the Sexes, a well-played biopic that serves up some empowerment and liberation.

It's the 70s. Stone portrays tennis star Billie Jean King, an avid champion of equal pay and equal respect for women. She's also hiding a secret. Waiting in the wings is the colorful and controversial Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell). The guy is hellbent on coming out of retirement to set up a primetime match between the two. When Billie eventually accepts, a clash for the ages ensues, and there's more on the line than a trophy, especially as Bobby ramps up the "male chauvinist pig" angle.

In the spirit of game of tennis, I'll give you six points that make this a worthwhile sports biopic:

1) It's an interesting story that presents themes that are still relevant today.
2) You can tell there was immense attention to detail, and an emphasis on making this thing feel as authentic as possible--even down to the stitching and cuts of the tennis attire.
3) The cast is stellar across the board. Emma Stone does more than just a great impression--she's nuanced and human, while Steve Carell once again proves to be magnificent as he goes into jerky sleazeball mode. Sarah Silverman even shows up in an amusing role as a snappy promoter.
4) The film is impressively-shot, showcasing a series of splendid frames and retro palettes amidst a fittingly grainy filter.
5) It's well-balanced. Light on its feet, but effectively powerful.
6) And finally, there's a lot of smashing fun to be had here, and of course, plenty to root for.

( 8/10 )

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