Saturday, October 14, 2017

[Review] Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Back in 2015, Kingsman: The Secret Service snuck in as a surprisingly fun blast of mirthful action and witty spy genre tactics. Its sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle aims even higher, but it can't help but fall short of the freshness of its predecessor, despite packing as much spectacle as possible.

After the nifty Kingsman headquarters are completely destroyed, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) travel across the pond to America (Kentucky, specifically) and team up with an allied organization called the Statesman that includes cowboy Channing Tatum (!), in order to take down a criminal enterprise led by a Devil in a Red Dress-ed Julianne Moore (!).

The good news is that the film retains a clever sense of humor, and its SMASH, BOOM, POW brand of action still has a lot of spunk to it. This series has a tendency to get cartoonish, which is actually refreshing, but sometimes this installment goes a little overboard. The plot also feels cluttered and choppy compared to the slick focus of the first one. And is it just me, or has the lead character always been a bit on the bland side? Luckily, the supporting cast is strong. In addition to the aforementioned, Jeff Bridges and Halle Berry join the rodeo, and as the trailers suggested, Colin Firth returns as Harry--though not quite as you'd expect. But unfortunately, most of them go underused.

With that said, Kingsman: The Golden Circle does have its charms, and there's a decent amount of enjoyment to be had in this franchise. And honestly, it's difficult for me to fault a movie that opens with a car chase set to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy".

( 7/10 )

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