Wednesday, June 14, 2017

[Review] My Cousin Rachel

Based on Daphne du Maurier's novel of the same name, My Cousin Rachel is a handsome period drama and mystery-romance of a darker tone.

Set in Victorian-era England, we meet Philip (Sam Claflin) as he learns about the death of his former guardian Ambrose, and there are indications that Ambrose's wife Rachel (Rachel Weisz, ah - name solidarity) may be responsible for it. Seeking vengeance, Philip invites Rachel to his home in an attempt to unveil the mystery. But welp... he falls in love with her. Whoops!

The narrative has some glacial pacing, making the film more of a moodpiece than a thriller. A gothic, but dull slow-burn that might induce a nap. The central conflict is there, but it's never quite as intense or engaging as you want it to be. What the film does have going for it is its lush production design - the dusted, candle-lit interior of the mansion... the jet-black wardrobe of Rachel's enigmatic aura... Mike Eley's cinematography is gorgeous too, displaying some ravishing views of the grassy countrysides and rocky coastlines. Sam Claflin is very solid in the lead role - he thrives well in this type of stuff. Rachel Weisz also gives a great performance as the complicated titular character, constantly walking the line between guilty and innocent.

It's just unfortunate that the story is no match for its costume.

( 6.5/10 )

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