Wednesday, December 11, 2019

25 Best Films of the Decade (in Haiku form)

In no particular order...

American Honey 

Youth. Rebels. Lust. Dreams. 
Vivid and mesmerizing
Road trip through the land 

The Social Network

Slyly engrossing 
Exploration of the app
That would change the world

Mad Max: Fury Road

Pulverizing and
Overwhelmingly awesome
Dystopian ride  

John Wick 2

It’s artful action 
A punch through purgatory 
I’m thinking he’s back 

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Heartfelt and surreal 
The legend of Hushpuppy 
Will live forever 

The Babadook 

Grief is the monster 
Fears and nightmares are too real
Can we lock them up?

Sing Street

A triumphant ode
To the power of music
And wide-eyed passion 

Short Term 12

Devastating yet
Hopeful tearjerker about 
Wanting to be loved 


Alien stories 
Have never, ever felt this
Stunningly human

Paddington 2

Sweet like marmalade 
The equivalent of a
Warm and cozy hug

The Wolf of Wall Street

A coke-fueled freight train 
Of power and corruption 
Ego and money 

Spring Breakers

Beautifully shot trash makes
Euphoric postcards

Blade Runner: 2049

Sublime visuals   
The future never forgets
A world that once was


Neon lights speed away
Stylish ultra-violence 
The synths sound so good

La La Land 

Dreamy musical 
Hopes and heartache under all
The starry spotlights 

The Shape of Water

Weird, wet, wonderful 
A majestic fairytale 
The water is love 


Gorgeous adventures
And self-discovery rest 
Far beyond the waves 

Manchester By the Sea 

The harbor brings a
Poignant story of loss and
Attempts to move on   

Me & Earl & the Dying Girl

High school is absurd
Humor can make tragedy
More tolerable 


Potent and urgent
A fist-pumping rally call
To stop all the hate 

The Grand Budapest Hotel 

Wrapped in a fun box 
A multi-layered pastry
Of colors and quirks


This southern gothic 
Carves out a path of hope like
A vast river stream   

The LEGO Movie

The jokes all connect
Everything is awesome
This Haiku is great 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

Audacious scripture 
Rewrites the galaxy with
Bold complexities 

The Witch

Ominous forests
Delicious hysteria 
Wow, demonic goats