Thursday, July 26, 2018

[Review] Unfriended: Dark Web

2015's Facebook horror film Unfriended was surprisingly good with its clever and inventive use of the medium (the whole thing taking place via computer desktop), as well as its urgent themes on bullying and social media. Its follow-up, Unfriended: Dark Web, unfortunately is a numbingly sadistic, repetitive, and pointless downgrade.

The thin plot revolves around a dude named Matias (Colin Woodell) who has acquired a used laptop from Craig's List. Turns out, the thing is loaded with hidden files that range from the real-life mundanities to snuffy and grotesque clips of torture and death (hence the Dark Web). Eventually, a shady entity hacks into the computer and begins to threaten the safety of all of Matias' Skype friends.

Like its predecessor, this film also takes place entirely on a computer desktop -- mostly through Skype chats and Facebook messenger. But it's a lot more boring and uninspired this time around. Nothing that significant or thrilling really happens until the very end, and the story fails to build the effective tension and mystery that the first one did.

Unfriended: Dark Web is an ugly, frustrating, hollow piece of content that isn't as terrifying or substantial as it should be, especially given the dangerous and stomach-churning world that it attempts to log into. This film is just a waste of time.

( 4/10 )

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