Thursday, June 14, 2018

[Review] Cargo

Martin Freeman terrifically leads the way in the Netflix Original Film, Cargo (it's the first one in a while that I've actually dug). It's a dystopian zombie flick, and while this is well-trodden territory, Cargo packs a good amount of intrigue, craft, and reward to sink your teeth into.

Set in a very beige and bleak Australian outback where the population has dwindled due to a nasty virus (it turns people into rabid flesh-eaters), the story revolves around a father named Andy (Freeman) as he attempts to protect his newborn daughter and bring her to safety before his days are up.

The film is crisply shot, taking full advantage of its uniquely rugged landscape across dusty prairies, muddy rivers, and rocky mountains. The narrative also has a strong sense of forward momentum. There's never a lull in conflict or drama (unlike a certain TV show that rhymes with "Stalking Ted"). Every scene feels vital, and there are some really eerie, intense, and heart-pounding sequences along the way. Martin Freeman gives a fantastic central performance, carrying most of the film on his back with great emotional range, grittiness, heart, and determination. Also impressive is Simone Landers, who plays a young indigenous girl that Andy meets during the harsh journey.

Cargo also provides a surprisingly poignant ending that hits in a way reminiscent of another well-wrought zombpocalypse film called Train to Busan. So yeah, load this one up.

( 8/10 )

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