Tuesday, March 21, 2017

[Review] Burning Sands

This Netflix Original film is a starkly dramatic depiction of a hazing horror story. Both urgent and engrossing, Gerard McMurray's debut Burning Sands is certainly worth adding to your viewing list.

The film follows college student Zurich aka Z (Trevor Jackson) and his group of roommates at a historically African-American university as they pledge to join a renowned fraternity, with Trevante Rhodes (from Best Picture-winner Moonlight) playing one of the leaders. When the crew begins the notorious "Hell Week", they're forced to endure mental and physical abuse that not only crosses the line, but destroys it and sets it aflame.

Similar to last year's Goat, the film is a depraved down-spiral into false brotherhood, toxic masculinity, sadistic abuse of power, and outright humiliation--displaying the blinded desire and exhibiting the irrational lengths these young men will go for a sense of identity, status, and respect in being part of a coveted group. While we as an audience can sit back and think this is ridiculous why don't they just get out?, unfortunately there isn't an easy escape option when extreme peer pressure and the fear of the dangerous repercussions for leaving or failing are out in the open.

Thanks to the impressive cast and gripping direction, Burning Sands is a harrowing cautionary tale that feels raw, real, and relevant--like it was ripped straight from the headlines. Most importantly, it spotlights the major difference between building one's strength and traumatically breaking it down.

( 7.5/10 )

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