Monday, February 15, 2016

[Review] Deadpool

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the vulgar and ultra violent Deadpool slashes its way into theaters with resounding success. I'm not willing to call it an "anti superhero movie", but much like its main character--it's sarcastic, self-aware and it relentlessly pokes fun at pop superhero tropes.

The snark is immediate from the opening credits, as "PRODUCED BY ASSHATS," "DIRECTED BY AN OVERPAID TOOL," and "ALSO STARRING A BRITISH VILLAIN," wiz across the screen. There, we meet Wade Wilson, who we will come to know as Deadpool. Fully cloaked in a dark red & black suit (so you can't see the blood stains) this blade and quip slinger likes to break the fourth wall (or the 16th wall?). Early on, he even questions how the hell Ryan Reynolds got a leading role in a 2016 blockbuster. Anyway, I'd like to keep the premise details to a very minimum because it seems best to go into this blindly.

Ryan Reynolds fits this role well, and I'm not just talking about his physical shape. His slightly higher pitched and almost immature-sounding voice lends to the filthy tone and adult cartoon-like nature of the film. The raunch here is clever and laugh-worthy, as opposed to something like last month's detestable Dirty Grandpa. The timeline ditches being linear and jumps back and forth between present and past at a relatively sporadic rate (but not confusing like X-Men). It works, because there's a nice balance of arcs and climaxes in both the early stages and the conclusion.

At its narrative heart, Deadpool is still a fairly routine origin story about a masked comic book hero, not unlike many of the others we've seen on the big screen recently (it feels pretty familiar to last year's Ant-Man at times). It's just a whole lot more unfiltered and self-deprecating in its tactics. This film is bound to entertain the millions of people that are already on board with these Marvel franchises, and it also might be refreshing for the people who are getting burnt out on them.

Deadpool is brash, funny, dark, action-packed, and horrifying all at once. And yes, its claim of being a love story isn't totally untrue.


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