Saturday, October 31, 2015

[Review] Bone Tomahawk

Kurt Russell starring in a horror-Western film that involves cannibals? That's Bone Tomahawk.

The film opens with two dudes (one is David Arquette) stumbling upon a trail of skulls, and well... that never leads to anything good does it? Turns out, it's a hideout occupied by mysterious kidnappers and cannibals. Russell plays the no-nonsense Sheriff Hunt (a fairly spot-on name), the town's go-to guy for all inquiries and problems. He catches wind of this place, saddles up, and rolls out with a small group of gunslingers (including Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox) in order to investigate.

The premise sounds like the stuff made for a camp-filled B movie, but it's actually less loopy than expected, opting for a more straightforward tone of partial realism--all unfolding in a slow burn. It's also very well-shot and artful with its evocative wide landscape views. The actors fully commit to a mostly humorless, traditional Western acting style and they all do great within this setting.

But don't get me wrong--this thing is still presented with a cunning smirk. And the events gets crazy. Extremely crazy. The final act is wild, violent, and gruesome as the story transitions into a thrilling (and painfully graphic) survival outing. The film succeeds in its ambition, and most likely will manage to please both Western fans and cult horror fans equally when all is said and done.

Bone Tomahawk is a unique and strange genre hybrid that sticks to its guns.


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