Saturday, June 13, 2015

[Review] Results

Results, the relative Sundance charmer now has a VOD & limited theater release. Initially, the film seems like it could be light and enjoyable enough, but instead, it's offensively underwhelming and tiring--like an exercise without any endorphins or benefits.

Danny (Kevin Corrigan) is a shaggy dude who wants to get in shape. He visits a local gym in order to get help. The gym staff is full of drama. There's a lot of bickering. During a promotional picture, someone says, "It's like a family Christmas photo, except some of us have slept with each other." Unfortunately, the amusement of this aspect fades pretty quickly, and the film probably could've fared better is an Adventureland-like dramedy. Anyway, Kat (Cobie Smulders) is assigned as Danny's personal trainer and a weird worker/client relationship ensues.

The film is so bland and yawn-worthy, and it takes way too much time showing people doing mundane things at home. Danny watches workout videos on YouTube for extended periods. While it might serve what he's going for, it's not very exciting for us to watch. All of his interactions with people are really boring. Danny and Kat's first few sessions are cliche and predictably pervy (she does look good, but still), but there's no chemistry between the two. Guy Pearce appears in a wasted role as a mostly pointless character in a subplot that has no plot. Let's just say I'm not a fan of films that get to be about 30 minutes in and it seems like nothing of any value or significance has occurred.

Results is like watching a bunch of annoying and miserable people that we don't care about fumble their lives around. Yes, the film does present some observational ironies, and I guess you could say it's really about people not 'working out.' And it might be slightly more interesting than seeing people post #gymlife updates all day on Twitter and Instagram, but that isn't saying much.

With so many flaws, dead weight, and efficiency problems, Results feels like it's unfinished.


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