Friday, April 3, 2015

[Review] Home

Just judging by the previews, there was already something very familiar about Home. The little alien creatures, the 'fish-out-water' plot, the lost girl who finds companionship... There's not much we haven't seen here that hasn't been in many other animated kids films (even ones from within the last couple of years). And that turns out to be the case, but Home's intentions are in the right place.

Oh (that's his name) is voiced by Jim Parsons. He's a square alien munchin called a "Boov" who speaks with technical an overly literal syntax--like if Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" had English as a second language. Tip is an adventurous and no-nonsense-attitude girl (fittingly voiced by Rihanna), and she happens upon Oh in a convenience store after he's been labeled as a fugitive by his own planet. Tip sees Oh as an irritating burden at first, but he's the only key to aid her journey in finding her mom (whom the Boovs apparently abducted).

There's a funny meta moment when Tip and Oh are riding in a rocket car and an actual song by Rihanna comes on the radio. Oh says "This is not good music," and then a couple of seconds later he can't control his dancing. And there's a well-placed line about Oh almost having to "#3" near the end. But aside from that, the humor is mostly light and sub-par. The usual and agreeable themes of bonding, belonging, and friendship come across, and the story finishes with some wonderfully touching moments that keep this film from being disposable.

Home is never bad; it just isn't nearly as great as its contemporaries. It just kind of cruises by, but it might still find its way into your heart.


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