Thursday, March 19, 2015

[Review] Cinderella

How much praise can we give a remake of a classic, oft told story? This 2015 live-action revisioning of Cinderella stays loyal to the tale and its essence, pretty much beat-for-beat, and in turn, it doesn't add much or expound anything that hasn't already been.

It begins with Once Upon A Time... Ella (Lily James) lives with her stepmother and nasty stepsisters, where she's been shunned to the attic and forced to do all the housework. She befriends a group of mice, and well, you probably know the rest: Prince Charming, a royal ball, Fairy Godmother, a spell, golden carriage, glass slippers, the clock striking midnight.

The always alluring Cate Blanchett plays the Stepmother, and is an immediate strong spot.
Richard Madden (Robb Stark from Game of Thrones) plays the Prince, and another Game of Thrones character (mostly known as "the richest man in Qarth") also makes an appearance. The CGI mice within the real world are a bit distracting, even though these magical elements are pertinent to the story and part of the fantastical appeal. Speaking of magic, Helena Bonham Carter plays the Fairy Godmother, and she's just as eccentric and comical as ever, even though she's only there briefly.

Despite its remake trappings, this film is very watchable and easy on the eyes, from all the vivid candy colors and the elaborate costume designs, to the moonlite lighting. The enchanting, flowery musical score rarely takes a break, and that's okay, because it is quite riveting. An agreeable "Have courage and be kind" message is delivered, even though it's reiterated about 100 times throughout.

2015's version of Cinderella never feels essential, but it's fine for those itching for some extra magic, even if they've already been there before.


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